About Alice

Hello.  I’m Alice – the girl with a saddle bag.  It’s nice to meet you.

Whilst I spend my 9-5 living and working in southern England, I’ve made it my goal to spend my spare time exploring as much of Europe as possible.  City breaks are one of my favourite ways to get to know somewhere new: they’re budget-friendly and perfect when time is precious.  That’s not to say I don’t like to escape for longer when time is on my side, but I’d like to think I’m mastering the art of packing as much as possible into a short space of time (and into my hand luggage).  Girl with a saddle bag is where I share my stories from these trips.

Europe’s always held me spellbound with it’s wonderful diversity of cities and landscapes.  There’s nothing I love more than the feeling of the sun on my back, the smell of fresh bread baking, exploring meandering cobbled streets and seeking breathtaking views.  Rather than seeking out landmarks and museums, I like peppering my trips with visits to local markets, finding the best coffee shops and cold beers, and discovering gorgeous green spaces wherever I go.  I also have a not-so-secret love of the Alps with it’s high mountain pastures, magical snowfalls and warm atmosphere .

I love travelling with my equally-enthusiastic partner, and also my wonderful friends – so you’ll find recommendations for groups as well as couples and solo travellers here.

Oh, and about that saddle bag.

Well, it’s my trusty travel companion.  Both delightful perfect and entirely impractical for every occasion, I’m rarely found without it in my hand luggage, and it’s been everywhere from festivals to mountain hikes.  Actually, I’m now on my third one … too many adventures have resulted in a few untimely mishaps over the years!

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